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Vet Oncologist provides specialist oncology telemedicine services to vets globally.

Patient details are submitted via our online consultation form. A specialist veterinary oncologist then reviews the patient history and provides a consultation report via email within 48 hours (Monday-Friday).

Patient details can also be submitted by email and an invoice provided. If this is preferred please set up a practice account by completing the Account Set Up form.

Consultation reports include chemotherapy protocols at no additional charge and provide recommendations for additional diagnostic tests and clinical staging. Multiple treatment options are provided in order to cater for the needs of individual dogs and cats with cancer.

At Vet Oncologist our goal is to help pet owners make informed treatment decisions for their pets. We aim to ease the process of treating dogs and cats with cancer for pet owners and veterinarians. Our focus is on patient quality of life and improving the well being of dogs and cats living with cancer.

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About Us

Vet Oncologist provides remote support to vets treating dogs and cats with cancer.

Vet Oncologist Shasta Lynch

Vet Oncologist was established by Dr Shasta Lynch in 2015.

Dr Lynch is an Australian, RCVS and European Veterinary Specialist in Oncology.

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